Passcode Strength Analyzer

Creating a strong and secure passcode… This passcode strength analyzer is designed to assist users in learning how to create stronger passcodes. Because it’s written in Javascript any typed passcodes are never sent over the network.

Tips for strong passcodes:
• Make passcodes 9 characters or more
• Use mixed case letters (upper and lower case)
• Use more than one number
• Use special characters (!,@,#,$,%,^,&,*,?,_,~)
• Use a random passcode generator

Type the passcode: (or paste and hit enter)
Strength score is:
Strength verdict:
Passcode Analysis:

Passcode Strength Score Key:
< 16: Very Weak
16 - 24: Weak
25 - 34: Mediocre
35 - 44: Strong
> 45: Stronger

An example of a randomly generated passcode with a score of 50 (stronger):
h!LZF4!-V631k9MI (don’t use this passcode for your own applications!)

Passcode Strength Analyzer
Brute Force Password Attack Calculator

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